The product that transcends residential and commercial use

We love custom glass work. The creativity of our customers, builders, and kitchen designers is often nothing less than stunning, functional beauty. Custom glass and mirror work is inspiring and transcends the boundaries of “commercial” or “residential” labels.

See five of the ways our commercial and residential customers both benefit from the custom glass experts at Twin Bay Glass. Perhaps these actual jobs will inspire your next project.

Custom mirrors and shelves

Custom tempered glass shelves add functional beauty to any decor in any room. They’re at home for office spaces, retail stores, resorts, and any residence. Combine them with custom-sized mirror glass for added effect.

Custom mirror glass has all the options for commercial and residential display too. Choose from beveled, framed, full-wall, and more. The middle photo below highlights just one example we’ve intricately cut from a single pane of mirror glass to fit the customer’s space.

Glass floors, railings, and stairs

From glass decking rails, stair railings, and yes, even the novelty of glass floors or stairs, your guests will be stunned. While the inclusion lends itself frequently to more modern applications, it can also be very warm.

The selection of hardware (frameless or otherwise,) glass texture and materials in the supporting structure lend a lot to the feel of your particular implementation. From our experience, both exterior and interior glass railing systems (and floors too) only ever add to the view, never detracting from even unexpected views.

Display cases

You’ll find display cases in both commercial and residential applications too. Custom cut glass is excellent for schools, museums, retail, restaurants (sneeze guards), and all of those places you want people to look – but not touch. Take your vision to reality with a new custom display case. You can also call us when you have the unfortunate need for glass repair – no need to hunt for a manufacturer that may not be in business anymore.

Custom Glass Tops

Glass is perfect for many horizontal surfaces. It’s easy to clean and, in many cases, provides a protective barrier to a valuable wood finish – from your boardroom to that antique side table. But custom glass tabletops and table covers are just the beginning. Our experts have installed custom glass tops on kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, and more. The bathroom installation below also features a custom glass bowl sink.

Custom doors and walls

Both interior or exterior custom glass doors leave a striking impression on all who enter. Add glass next to, above, or in new or old doors alike. They allow more natural light with a more open feeling. Love open floor plans? Glass walls or partitions can give your home or office a clean, open look with an element of privacy. Add frosted or textured glass for even more privacy – but keep the natural light!

These are just a few of the ways custom cut glass transcends the divide of both commercial and residential domains. These examples are actual customers, thrilled with the results. Let’s feature your custom glass project next. Call Twin Bay Glass today!
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